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Frequently Answered Questions

Pre-Enrolment Questions and Answers:

Can I enrol onto PCBT Diploma of Hospitality Management course directly?
No. Students interested in this course at PCBT must have completed Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery from an Australian RTO in the last 4 years or are progressing a Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery course in one of the Australian RTO, in which they complete Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery course before PCBT Diploma of Hospitality Management course completion. Students will not be issued with a qualification until completion of all units of PCBT Diploma of Hospitality Management course.
I am not in Australia currently, but willing to study in Australia at PCBT College next year. Can I apply directly using your online application form or must I use one of your agents?
All students currently not in Australia or even in Australia can apply for PCBT courses directly using PCBT Online Enrolment Application Form. However, we may advise you otherwise if your application is not complete. However, if you wish to use an agent, we prefer our registered agents unless you are applying from a country that we do not have a representative. Find our current registered agents.
Is there age limitation to enrol at PCBT?
Yes, PCBT only accepts students who become 18 years of old at the time of their course commencement. Although there is no limitation on mature learners, the most senior student PCBT has had so far in the last decade was 55 years. So long as physically fit to some of the trade courses PCBT has to offer, you are most welcome to become our stduent.
I am currently studying in Australia as an international student. Can I also concurrently studying in one of the courses offered at PCBT?
Yes if your current timetable does not overlap with PCBT timetable in your desired course. However, you are not able to enrol at PCBT on the same course/s that you are currently enrolled in your original education provider, in which your current student visa is associated with. If you are unsure of your circumstances, the best is to submit an application along with a copy of all of your eCoEs, current Australian Visa, highest qualification,  passport and let us know whether or not currently studying and which days of the week you are committed to your current study arrangements.
If I enrol at PCBT, how many days a week do I require to attend college?
Most of the courses at PCBT require students to attend 2.5 – 3 days a week.
What is the ranking of the college?
Perth College of Business and Technology is one of the Nationally Recognised and Registered Training Providers. It has been more than a decade that PCBT is providing education services to the community in the VET sector. Among the community, PCBT is holding a high ranking level of education services by accommodating the most industry-linked-study approach in order for students to be successful in their careers. Please click on the link to know more about PCBT.
Does PCBT help in finding an industry placement for a job-ready program?
Industry Placements give students the opportunity to satisfy study credits or jump into a placement after graduation to develop their workplace understanding and practical skills. PCBT does provide Industry Placement for some of their courses as part of the course components. However, it is solely the responsibility of a student to search the market for gaining more work experience if this is required for a visa other than a student visa (Such as 485 Graduate Visa Subclass). But in case if they are finding any difficulty the college may help the students in finding the placements/Unpaid VET Experience but cannot guarantee. 
Is there a dress code / uniform?
There is no standard uniform; it’s a decent casual dressing. EXCEPTIONS are for the Commercial cookery students as they have uniforms to wear before entering the kitchen for their practical work. Students can get their uniforms from the college administration department.
Does college have a student accommodation?
No. All the links are available on the PCBT website which can help you in finding the appropriate type of residence.
Do you offer weekend classes for the people who are working full time and unable to attend classes during the weekdays?
Sometimes Yes. The best is to contact admissions at admissions@pcbt.wa.edu.au if this facility is available for your preferred intake. However, we don’t offer any part-time/short courses.

General Questions and Answers:

How many hours can I work while studying full time in Australia?
You are not permitted to start work until you have commenced your course of study You can work a maximum of 40 hours a fortnight during the term and unlimited hours when your course is not in session. You can ask for a holiday letter during these periods from PCBT for your employer. The Department of Home Affairs considers your course to be ‘in session’:

  • for the duration of the advertised semesters (including periods when exams are being held)
    if you have completed your studies and your Confirmation of Enrolment is still in effect
    if you are undertaking another course, during a break from your main course and the points will be credited to your main course (Source: Department of Home Affairs)

For a full list of mandatory and discretionary student visa conditions please visit our webpage or studyinaustralia.gov.au  

Current Students (Post-Enrolment) Questions and Answers:

Is it really important to attend the orientation session?

Yes it is MANDATORY to attend the Orientation before the commencement of the course.

By Attending the Orientation we will provide you the best possible information to start the college by allowing you to:

  • Meet other students in your course
  • Meet key staff in your college
  • Learn about the services available to support your study
  • Ask questions
  • Find your way around campus
  • Feel more confident about commencing the course
  • You will learn all about the specific legal requirements as a Student

By clicking this link you will get more information about the dates of next orientations being held.

What happens if a student fails a unit?
We offer the students to sit for catch-up classes in order to pass the unit and if they are unable to pass the unit, students may need to repeat (retake) the unit/s. We are usually offering Catch Ups in between the term breaks through an application process to our Academic Manager. A catch-up schedule or IEP (Individual Education Plan) will be provided to students with extra charges (If Applicable). Find out more about Intervention Strategy Plan Policies and Procedures at Download Page.
What can a complaint be about?
A complaint can be about:

  • any aspect of the service provided, or not provided by PCBT
  • the behaviour or decisions of staff, or
  • policies and/or procedures of PCBT.

Students who wish to make a complaint about an aspect of PCBT’s service or appeal against a decision made by PCBT are encouraged to initially engage in an informal discussion about the matter with the staff member or staff members involved. Students can additionally or alternatively discuss the matter with the Academic Manager, Counsellor, or the Student Support Officer.

How can I lodge a complaint/an appeal?
If an issue cannot be resolved informally, students who wish to lodge a formal complaint should do so using PCBT’s complaint lodgement form. If a student disagrees with a decision made by PCBT, the student may lodge an appeal form. The relevant form should be submitted to the SSO, properly signed and dated and accompanied by all relevant supporting documentation. Supporting documentation should comprise original documents or certified copies of original documents.
Will my attendance and course progress be monitored for the course I am enrolled in?
Yes.  As per VISA Condition 8202 students must maintain satisfactory course progress and attendance for each study period as required by your education provider.

ELICOS Students:  

To achieve satisfactory course progress, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 50% of their units each term. Progress is monitored by teachers who track students’ progress through their assessments throughout the term.  Students studying ELICOS are required to attend 20 hours a week and maintain a minimum of 80% attendance at all times.

VET Students:   

To achieve satisfactory course progress a student must successfully complete a minimum of 50% of their units each term. Progress is monitored by trainers who track students’ progress through their assessments throughout the term. As the RTO understands that lack of attendance is a key risk factor for lack of course progress, attendance is informally monitored with students receiving notifications as per Attendance Policy and Procedure. However, this is required to maintain for not breaching visa conditions.

How do I apply for Course Credits and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
You must inform PCBT ahead of time before enrolment for unit/s you wish to be granted. The best approach to get credit transfer is to apply an application for the course/s you wish to study at PCBT, attach statements of attainments as well as other documents required for admission to PCBT. You will receive a tailored Letter of Offer with Credits potentially transferrable toward your qualification/s planning to study at PCBT. If we accept your Credit Transfer, you will be exempted to pay fees for those granted credits as well as exemption from attendance and retaking those units. The RTO reserves the right to seek further clarification from the issuing RTO where there is some ambiguity about verification and authenticity.

Timing of applications:
Whilst students may apply for RPL at any time, they are encouraged to apply before commencing a training program. This will reduce unnecessary training and enable the student to follow a more efficient path to competency. Where a student presents evidence for RPL AFTER they have commenced a unit of competency or module and where clear evidence can be provided that the student was fully informed about their options prior to enrolment and commencement, fees will apply.

VISA Conditions: 
As per VISA Condition 8202 students must maintain satisfactory course progress and attendance for each study period as required by your education provider. Until student applications are processed and approved in writing by the RTO, students MUST continue to attend and participate in all classes as outlined in their Confirmation of Enrolment.

Supporting Documentation:
The RTO will recognise all qualifications issued by any other RTO upon receiving evidence (original or certified copies) in the form of:

  • A Testamur or Statement of Attainment clearly demonstrating the RTO government-issued number and logo
  • A record of results clearly demonstrating the RTO course codes and competency achieved.

How can I apply for my Qualification/Transcript?
Please fill in the PCBT Certificate Request Authority Form online or submit a PDF Form to sso@pcbt.wa.edu.au or at the college reception. Certificate issuance process will normally take a week, special cases may take up to two weeks.
How can I create my USI number?
To create your USI number, please go to this link and click on ‘Create a USI’ to complete your application.
How can I get my USI transcript?
To download your USI transcript, please go to this link and login with your credentials on the website. If you do not have your login details, go ahead with “Forgot password” option and reset your login details. After resetting your login details (if required) download your transcripts from “View Transcript” option available after you successfully login to the website.
I am facing financial hardship after I commence the course, what should I do?

We understand that you may experience financial difficulties at some point during your studies. If you are experiencing financial hardship it is very important you don’t ignore your situation. Please book an appointment with our finance officer at finance@pcbt.wa.edu.au as soon as possible to discuss your options. We help the students by offering Monthly Installment Plans to lessen their financial burden. If you are an international student you must ensure there should not be any breach of your visa conditions. 

This page last updated: 12 Feb 2021