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English Courses

General English – (Beginner to Intermediate)

ELICOS- Course CRICOS Code: 098010K

Students applying for ELICOS (General English courses) are NOT required to provide us the IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, Cambridge, OET Results. Applicants for stand-alone English courses (ELICOS) will be provided with the PCBT Placement Test to demonstrate their English, Literacy and Numeracy competencies. (relevant legislation -compilation date 20 July 2018:

What is this course about?

Our General English (Elementary-Intermediate) course will help you develop language skills for real-life situations – like speaking and conversation. We will help you develop the confidence to live, travel or work in Australia. You will graduate with real-world English skills you can use anywhere.

Who can apply?

  • All nationalities from offshore and onshore applying for Student Visa 500
  • All nationalities with: Student visa, Tourist visa, Work & Holiday Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Business or Investment Visas, and Dependents of Work Visa Holders.

When is this course available to enroll?

  • Every week

How long does it take?

**This course is delivered over:

  • 42 weeks
  • 28 weeks
  • 14 weeks
  • minimum 5 weeks if filling the gap study.

How is the class timetable?

  • 3 Days per week study (Classes are scheduled for 21 hours per week)
  • 4 Days per week enjoy from the beauties of Australia (Free from study)!

Who should apply?

  • All people wanting to study English in Australia and
  • They are 18 years old and above

What documents to submit?

Students will need to provide evidence of the following:

  • Copy of Passport
  • PCBT Placement TEST (Students must demonstrate that they possess the appropriate level of English to enter the course level they are applying to enrol in. Students must sit a Placement Test. Based on the test results, students will be offered a place at Elementary or Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate Level.)

How much does it cost?

  • Discounted fees for a limited time for 42 weeks CoE: 
    • Offshore students: AU$ 7,500 (tuition: $7050, resources: $450) 
    • Onshore students: AU$ 5,850 (tuition: $5,400, resources: $450)
  • Discounted fees for a limited time for 28 weeks CoE: 
    • Offshore students: AU$ 5,000 (tuition: $4,700, resources: $300) 
    • Onshore students: AU$ 3,900 (tuition: $3,600, resources: $300)
  • Discounted fees for a limited time for 14 weeks CoE: 
    • Offshore students: AU$ 2,500 (tuition: $2350, resources: $150) 
    • Onshore students: AU$ 1,950 (tuition: $1,800, resources: $150)
  • Discounted fees for a limited time for less than 10 weeks: 
    • Only onshore students: AU$ 265 per week (tuition $250, resources $15 per week)

Other costs:

  • 12-month Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)- if required:
    • Single Students: A$ 605
    • Couple cover: A$ 1,928
    • Family cover: A$ 2,809

For a full list of applicable fees & charges, please refer to our application form. You will be provided with a full outline of fees in your letter of offer.

What will I be studying?

Each level is designed to be studied over 14 weeks, two five-week terms and two study breaks. Each level (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, and Intermediate) cover a range of areas including writing, listening, speaking and reading.

Each week will compose three days study from 8:30am to 4:40pm. Activities may include:

  • Skills extension (Listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • Core learning (tutorials, formative activities)
  • Incursions and excursions
  • Portfolio development
  • Unit tests, progress tests and reviews

Assessment will occur weekly to ensure that you are progressing in your English development. Summative assessments will take place at the end of each term to mark your progress.

How to apply?