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Interview with Shun Wa Luc

Shun Wa Luc arrived in Australia in 2008 from Hong Kong to study Chinese Medicine in Sydney, it’s been an amazing nine years, we caught up with Shun about his experience as an International Student in Australia and his experience at Perth College of Business and Technology.

How have you found life in Australia?

Overall, the people are more reasonable here, especially in WA, they are more open minded and accepting of who you are. I find that you can be really free here.

What do your weekends and free time look like?

Well I work as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Ping Ming Health, so with work and school there’s not heaps of time. I like to relax at home reading, but I also enjoy going to the beach and being close to the water.

Why the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management?

I like the fact that there is lots of practical knowledge, in University, you get lots of theory, but with our current trainer Jim, we have been able to put it into practice, understand how it applies to the real world and gets lots of good skills. That’s what the Diploma is really about right? Making it apply to the real world.

If you had a student that was looking to come to Australia to study, why should they choose PCBT?

Well the trainer has to be my first recommendation, Jim is great, but over that, if you are looking to gain some actual skills, then I think that PCBT is the right choice. It’s quite beneficial for your future work skills. I’ve really enjoyed these last few terms at PCBT.