Regional 5% Scholarship

Regional Scholarships

Citizens of countries below will be granted 5% off the discounted tuition fees.

Not only do they require food and water but they also need to keep their body temperature at a tolerable level.

Regional 5%-Scholarship, Perth, Western Australia

Citizens of countries below (holding one of the following passports) will be granted a 5% off the discounted tuition fees. See final deducted fees: discounted tuition fees.

ALL NATIONALITIES including Australian Citizens.

Who can apply for PCBT Regional 5% Scholarship?

This scholarship is available to students from onshore Australia who meet PCBT’s entry admissions requirements.

Admissions Requirements:

Closing Date:

  • Opening Date: 1 July 2020
  • Closing Date: 30 September 2020

Minimum Deposit to get Enrolled:

  • AU$ 2,000 (This does not apply to OFFSHORE Assessment Level 2 and 3 nationalities)


  • Onshore students: starting July 2020 onwards
  • Offshore students: starting Jan 2021 onwards

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” is awarded to Applicants who apply to PCBT with or without an agent.
  2. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” is awarded to International and local students, who meet minimum Academic and English requirements to enrol at PCBT and holds one of the above-mentioned passports.
  3. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” is available on 2020, 2021, 2022 intakes.
  4. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” is available in conjunction with PCBT Diversity Scholarship. (Eligible students will have diversity scholarships and 5% regional scholarship).
  5. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” is not transferable to a third party or redeemable for cash.
  6. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” is available to new enrolments at PCBT only (including current PCBT students to pursue further studies at PCBT).
  7. The “PCBT Regional 5%-Scholarship” remains valid whilst the recipient:
    • remains enrolled in full-time study in compulsory terms at PCBT College; and
    • remains enrolled in the course listed on their Letter of Offer; and
    • pays all tuition and additional fees/costs in accordance with PCBT College policy; ensuring tuition fees are paid in full by census date each term; and
    • meets the conditions of their Australian visa (If an international student).

How to Apply:

Frequently Answered Questions:

Q1: I want to appoint an agent to submit my application for enrolment and for a visa. Will he/she be entitled to commissions from PCBT?
A2: Yes.

Q2: Will I need to pay only $2,000 to apply for any duration of the courses at PCBT?
A3: Yes, you can apply for a minimum of 6 months course to a maximum of 3 years and all you need to pay is AU$2,000 as an initial deposit to get enrolled. You will pay the rest of your tuition and material fees on a monthly or quarterly installment plan.

Q3: Is this scholarship for people who are not currently in Australia and willing to apply for next year?
A4: This scholarship is available for all nationalities who hold a current valid Australian visa and they are currently onshore Australia (Australian citizens and those holding an Australian tourist visa, student visa, working and holiday visa, partner visa, permanent residency visa, business visa, bridging visa with study rights,…).

More Questions?

Contact Ryan , Admissions Manager
mobile / whatsapp: +61 420 329 380

tel: +61 8 9202 1003

Updated 26 August 2020, PCBT may change the eligibility requirements for this scholarship at any time without prior notice.

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