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Principal Executive Officer Appointed

Mr Ishtiaq Ahmed, CEO, has recently appointed Ms Lauren Hollows as the new Principal Executive Officer of PCBT.

A message from Lauren:

I am excited to be working with PCBT and you may have noticed a few changes around the school in the last few weeks with a lot more to come.
I have worked in Vocational Education and Training over the last 10 years including working at several International RTOs around Perth and in Queensland and Melbourne. I love working with students and RTO staff, seeing everyone develop and grow. Education is a beautiful gift because it’s the one thing that no one can take away from you.


I am excited to announce a few changes taking place around the school over the next few weeks:
  • Fresh colour and feel- The school will be getting a new coat of paint commencing next week to match our school colours and give a fresh face to the classrooms and offices.
  • Upgraded IT- All the computers have been upgraded to the latest version of windows, and all computers in Room 1 and several in Room 4 have had the Microsoft Office loaded.
  • Updates to Resources-
    • Business- We have streamlined our Learning Management Systems so that all business students will be able to use IBSA resources for next term on 1 LMS platform.
    • Hospitality- We are redesigning our practical assessments and we are thrilled to announce we have purchased several licenses for Gordon Ramseys’ Masterclass, this includes 20 lessons and more than 4 hours of video of Chef Ramsey training on his classic and favourite dishes.
  • New Partner for Industry Placement- From next term, all students will be undertaking their Industry Placement at the amazing Novotel Hotel under Head Chef Darren Smith. This is an amazing opportunity brought to us by Chef Darren and we are thrilled that our students are getting this wonderful opportunity.

Changes to Policies and Procedures

A range of changes have been made to our policies and procedures over the last few weeks, with a few more to be made before Term 2 commences. As part of this, we will be providing all students with Orientation in their first week back at school. These changes will be explained in more detail, however, an overview has been provided below:

  • move to a dual attendance reporting and course progress policy and procedure to identify students not participating and progressing early in the term
  • revised course progress policy now means that students will be unable to progress into a higher level qualification without completing their current qualification in full
  • stronger feedback mechanisms mean that students will have a stronger voice on how to improve the schools facilities, materials and services
  • streamlined appeals mechanisms mean that students who need to appeal or complain will be dealt with more quickly and efficiently

Message to Students

What do you, the student, need to know?

The re-orientation will be important, this will kick off your first day back of class at 9:20am, please ensure that you are here on time by no later than 9am ready to participate. Trainers will be taking attendance from 9am and students who do not attend the first week of class without notification will be subject to a non-commencement cancellation.

If you are unsure of your current course progress or know that you are behind and do not have an agreed Intervention Plan, you will need to contact the school immediately to commence this process.

If you need help or clarification of any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the school on the numbers below.

I look forward to meeting each of you personally as we work together to make this school great!

Kind regards,
Lauren Hollows
Quality Assurance Manager & Principle Executive Officer
Perth College of Business & Technology (PCBT)
RTO 52014  CRICOS Code 03051J