PCBT Students Testimonials & Success Stories

My experience at PCBT has been terrific. I can definitely say that the trainers are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. Besides, the staff is very friendly and helpful and made me feel welcome at all times. I really enjoyed my time here and want to thank all of them for what they did for me.

Woohoo, I got my Diploma of Hospitality Management today from PEO. To be honest I was skeptic if I can finish my courses after having my baby in Perth. PCBT has made all things possible. Mr Ahmed, please allow me to express my utmost gratitude for helping me pursue my dream of hospitality studies in Australia. Thanks to trainers, lovely student support team, helpful administration, and my husband. I will definitely tell my friends that PCBT will never leave you from beginning until the end.

I would like to thank all staff members at Perth College of Business & Technology. Everyone was friendly and helpful (especially receptionist!). I’ve enjoyed the classes and learnt a lot for the past six months. Thank you again and I hope to continue my studies here sometime in the future.

Studying at PCBT is great! As an international student PCBT provides a flexible learning environment that still allows me to work and have a great social life in Perth. The tutors are great and provide support throughout my assignments. I have been studying Certificate IV in Business. I eager to learn more. I would highly recommend PCBT as a place to study if any students are looking at coming to Perth.

I really enjoy my study at PCBT as I always receive supports from my Chef Trainer and the admin staff. My course is well designed to meet industry standards and aimed to develop required skills. With the school support and industry placement arrangement, it was very easy for me to find job.

PCBT provides me with all the supports and facilities to enhance in my studies and career. With the flexibility of my course schedule I have been able to manage my time and continue my studies without any difficulty. I would like to thank PCBT for all the support given.

I become a Chef later in life by undertaking my Commercial Cookery courses at PCBT, I looked for a program that could help me attain that goal as soon as possible. The hands-on practical program at PCBT College was exactly what I was looking for, this was my dream for so many years; I earned my Certificate 3 in one year and now doing my Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery. Awesome!

Shun Wa Luc arrived in Australia in 2008 from Hong Kong to study Chinese Medicine in Sydney, it’s been an amazing nine years, we caught up with Shun about his experience as an International Student in Australia and his experience at Perth College of Business and Technology.
  • How have you found life in Australia?
  • Overall, the people are more reasonable here, especially in WA, they are more open minded and accepting of who you are. I find that you can be really free here.
  • What do your weekends and free time look like?
  • Well I work as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Ping Ming Health, so with work and school there’s not heaps of time. I like to relax at home reading, but I also enjoy going to the beach and being close to the water.
  • Why the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management?
  • I like the fact that there is lots of practical knowledge, in University, you get lots of theory, but with our trainers, we have been able to put it into practice, understand how it applies to the real world and gets lots of good skills. That’s what the Diploma is really about right? Making it apply to the real world.
  • If you had a student that was looking to come to Australia to study, why should they choose PCBT?
  • Well the trainer has to be my first recommendation, but over that, if you are looking to gain some actual skills, then I think that PCBT is the right choice. It’s quite beneficial for your future work skills. I’ve really enjoyed these last few terms at PCBT.

KHA KENT Got a job @ Subiaco Hotel.

He came from Malaysia while studying commercial cookery at PCBT is hired by Subiaco Hotel. A 26-year man with SPM Malaysia works in one of the best and highly respected premium hotels in Perth Australia - a developed nation. It's just amazing how PCBT students grow! August 2021

BARAL, Krishna Prasad Got a job @ Pan Pacific Hotel.

Krishna came from Nepal with little experience in customer service. But a game changer in Perth, while studying commercial cookery at PCBT, he was hired by 5-star Pan Pacific Perth Hotel. This 25-year enthusiastic fellow now works in one of the multinational companies in the world while still finishing his courses here at PCBT. It means, he would be welcomed by many 5 star hotels around the world if the opportunity comes. It's just amazing how PCBT students grow! August 2021  

RATHORE, Bhawani Singh Got a job @ Varsity Bar Waterford.

Bhawani came from India to Queensland, then moved to Perth for Commercial Cookery at PCBT. A 26-year MBA graduate yet to accomplish what the real career will be. While still studying commercial cookery and hospitality at PCBT, he was hired by one of the best bars in Perth, Varsity. He loves cooking and enjoys watching people laugh at this amazing bar. It's just amazing how PCBT students grow! August 2021

KARKI, JAYANTI Got a job @ Sage Hotels Perth.

JAYANTI came from Nepal to WA, currently studying Certificate IV In Commercial Cookery - SIT40516 course.  A 20-year High school graduate has been offered a job at one of the promising hotels in Perth after completing her PCBT’s Guaranteed 200-hour Work Industry Placement. It’s just amazing how PCBT students grow! August 2021 August 2021  

My experience so far is one of pride that I have been able to be apart of Perth college of business and technology , the most student oriented college and getting skilled in internationally recognised Wall and Floor Tiling. The dedication and hard work that has been put into my two years so far has allowed me to succeed in many ways, as well as increasing my self-development skills. This college is a great place to learn and grow and I would suggest it to anyone. Thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have kindly provided to me during the two years time with PCBT. I have truly enjoyed my expedition with this college and amazing teachers. I am more than greatful for the encouragement you all have give me in pursuing my educational and professional growth objectives.
Regards Parminder Singh

I am glad I got a chance to share my experience as a current student of PCBT. I am pursuing my Certificate 3, able to finish it with support of my well trained teachers as we just finish with our Industry Placement. This college offers best places for IP where I got good learning environment and I have been offered a job in one of Perth's prestigious restaurants/resorts. I am very happy that I have chosen PCBT as my college. Sukhdeep Kaur, March 2022.