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Courses offered at PCBT College (Perth, Western Australia):

Course National Code Course CRICOS Code Course Title Course/s Duration
098010K General English – (Beginner to Intermediate) 42 Weeks (Min 2 Weeks*)
CPC30611 093685G Certificate III in Painting and Decorating 24 Months (104 Weeks)
SIT30816 096723D Certificate III In Commercial Cookery 1 Year (52 Weeks)
SIT40516 093686F Certificate IV In Commercial cookery 6 Months (26 Weeks)
SIT50416 091052A Diploma Of Hospitality Management 6 Months (26 Weeks)
SIT60316 093688D Advanced Diploma Of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Stream) 8 Months (33 Weeks)
SIT60316 093688D Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management 24 Months (104 Weeks)
BSB40215 082132J Certificate IV In Business 6 Months (25 Weeks)
BSB50215 087236E Diploma Of Business 9 Months (38 Weeks)
BSB51915 093689C Diploma of Leadership & Management 1 Year (52 Weeks)
BSB61015 089937D Advanced Diploma Of Leadership And Management 1 Year (52 Weeks)