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Course Package

Package Bachelor’s Degree in Business / Arts With Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management at PCBT:

PCBT graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management may be awarded:

  • 24 credits (8 units) towards a Bachelor of Business degree at Sheridan College or
  • 18 credits ( 6 units) towards a Bachelor of Arts degree at Sheridan College.

Submit your Application for enrolment (All-in-one-email) to  :

  • Sheridan Enrolment Application form:
  • Sheridan GTE form (Onshore and Offshore students)
    • GTE must be HAND-WRITTEN by Applicant,
    • GTE must be specific as to why you chose this particular business course and why Sheridan,
    • must be specific about the research you did concerning other providers and where there any other detailed reasons other than the cost that you chose Sheridan,
    • must be more specific about your future goals and plans how a Bachelor of Business is going to help you to achieve those goals,
    • you must be passionate in your future career and this course, be unique in your GTE.)
  • And Copy of your Overseas Student Health Cover (if got already)
  • Copy of English Proficiency document (or exempted), Minimum IELTS 5.5 (Overall with no band lower than 5.0 in Academic, or equivalent PTE, TOEFL, Cambridge, OET, or your are exempted)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Detailed Resume / CV
  • Financial documents to support your study and living costs financially in Australia (or exempted).
  • Copy of High School Certificate or Higher qualification
  • PCBT Online Enrolment Application Form or Email scanned copy of  PCBT Enrolment Application Form
  • PCBT (GTE) Genuine Temporary Entrant Checklist & Evaluation Form (Offshore Applicants) -(PDF)

To be enrolled in one of the following Course Packages:

  • Bachelor of Business (Course CRICOS Code: 096490E) at Sheridan College Inc (CRICOS Provider ID: 03391M) PACKAGED WITH BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management at Perth College of Business & Technology OR
  • Bachelor of Arts (Course CRICOS Code: 096269K) at Sheridan College Inc (CRICOS Provider ID: 03391M) PACKAGED WITH BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management at Perth College of Business & Technology
  • You must be successfully passed Sheridan’s interview and
  • Pay minimum deposit to PCBT (one or tw0 term fees plus material fees) and Sheridan ($6,000) and
  • Sign Acceptance of Offer (PCBT and Sheridan) and
  • Sign PCBT and Sheridan GTE Form and
  • Provide all remaining required documents for both institutes.

Course Package includes:

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB61015) at PCBT College: 

  • Total fees: $8,500
  • Deposit to get CoE: $2,500 (Onshore applicants), $4,500 (Offshore applicants)
  • Duration: 1 year

Bachelor of Business (CRICOS Code: 096490E) at Sheridan College:

  • Total fees: approximately $25,000
  • Deposit to get CoE: $6,000 (Onshore and Offshore applicants)
  • Duration: 2 years

Application For enrolment Procedures:

Applicants interested to apply for Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (PCBT) and Bachelor’s Degree of Business or Arts (Sheridan College) must submit:

  1. above applications forms and PCBT application forms along with Academic, English Proficiency, Passport,… copies to
  2. if applications are approved by PCBT and Sheridan, you will receive Two (2) offer letters with terms and conditions.
  3. if all conditions are amenable to you, you will accept the offers, make deposit requested in the Letter of Offers and provide to
  4. upon receiving all, Confirmation of Enrolments (CoEs) will be issued by PCBT AND SHERIDAN to the student.
  5. All students will go through a student interview with Sheridan College whether onshore or offshore.


In order to complete an application we will also require the following documents:

1. Passport;
2. Current Visa;
3. Course Certificates & Transcripts;
5. COE’s (Current & Previous);
6. English Test Results;
7. Resume; and
8. Letter of Offer from the Pathway Institute (PCBT College)

Please attach all critical documents to one email and return to for assessment.

All students are required to complete a face to face interview with Sheridan College prior to a Letter of Offer & Acceptance being issued.

It is important the student hand writes the Application and GTE Assessment Form. It is essential they give there a clear and detailed explanation in there GTE Form.

If the student is coming through an education agent, their details are required in the Sheridan Application for a compliance and commission point of view.

Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management – BSB61015 leading to Bachelor of Business/Arts Degree (CRICOS 096490E / 096269K)
Pathway to:
Sheridan College
CRICOS Provider ID: 03391M
TEQSA Provider ID: PRV14012

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