PCBT support for ACAE & ASM students

PCBT Hospitality Showcase- June 2017
June 9, 2017
2017 Australia China Career Fair (ACCF)
June 14, 2017

PCBT support for ACAE & ASM students

PCBT is in discussions with the Department of Education Services and Tuition Protection Service (TPS) to offer its support to students from ACAE & ASM who have recently been affected by provider defaults.

PCBT support for ACAE & ASM students

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Understanding the difficult state that many of the ACAE and ASM students have been placed in, PCBT is happy to offer the following support mechanisms for students transitioning through the TPS.

  • Discount on fees of 20%
  • ACAE/ASM workshops where we will work with students on reviewing previously submitted documentation, undertaking a skills assessment, identifying RPL or assessment only pathways where competencies were not formally achieved
  • One on one support from trainers scheduled for our admin days to support in catch up classes where required
  • Please note due to provider default, no letter of release is required.

The PCBT school is fully fee for service with no government funding, as such, there is no risk to funding and no risk of closure.

We have had several students communicate that they believe that they have to attend the recommended institutions that the TPS have put forward, we want to reinforce that given that the schools went into Provider Default, the choice lies with the students and students have the final say and decision as to where they want to go. If you would like government confirmation of this, we recommend that agents or students speak with the Student Conciliator Thalia O’Sullivan at Department of Education Services WA.

Apply Now or contact Admissions for assistance at admissions@pcbt.wa.edu.au or 0415 950 322 / 08 9202 1003.

Changes at Perth College of Business & Technology

PCBT is a small college with its main campus located in East Perth, established in 2008 the college has a range of English, Business, Leadership & Management, and Hospitality courses on scope ranging from the Certificate III through Advanced Diploma.

Over the past six months the college has recently undergone a renovation with a fresh coat of paint, an update to student facilities, a refresh of the computer lab and new bathrooms. The investment in our exterior has been accompanied by a renewed focus on policy development, student support and customer service and a range of new industry relationships established with Pan Pacific, the Duxton Hotel, Hotel Rendezvous, and Parmelia Hilton Hotel where our hospitality students complete their work placements. In addition, we have a fully commercial kitchen in Westminster where students learn the basics in a safe environment.

We are always happy to provide students and agents with a tour of the facilities or discuss how we can further assist.

PCBT Hospitality Showcase- Inaugural WA Day Function June 2017

PCBT Hospitality Students hosted a function for all students, staff, and selected agents at our restaurant, Platinum, located in Westminster serving a beautiful three course luncheon featuring delicious WA fresh produce and WA Jane Brook wine.

PCBT Management wanted to take the time to thank everyone for participating in this wonderful event. Special thanks to our agents in Perth who witness the skills of the students as well as to getting to know PCBT staff better and hear the positive experiences of students. PCBT has planned many more events coming up in 2017 which form part of a broader student experience which make the overall experience more enjoyable and meaningful for PCBT students. This tremendous opportunity is in-line with the training package requiring student interaction and functions like yesterday, which also provides a valid assessment experience for students and better prepares them for practical placement at the large hotels. It gives staff and students the opportunity to celebrate the college’s successes together as well as facilitating students in building relationships with locals.

We would like to invite you to have a look at the photos taken yesterday on our Facebook page.

Special thanks to our trainers and master chefs, Darren, Gareth, and Sanjeev who coordinated the students to create the beautiful dishes we had yesterday, the great service and the fantastic displays.

Very well done and massive thanks to you all and specially PCBT hospitality students of 2017!

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